I also received this unsolicited email viciously attacking Mayoral candidate Joe Emanuele that has been discussed on the Kraebel blog. The blogger is none other than Roberto Millan, author of that disgusting blog Judge Errant where he attacks Bob Going, Mike Chiara and Diane Hatzenbuhler. He even took a swing at me erroneously suggesting I was discussing him on The Show With No Name.  In Roberto’s Errant blog, he makes these wild allegations and then responds to them himself, as if he actually had fans. The only real people who responded to that hateful blog were Karin Hetrick who couldn’t resist agreeing with the character assassination of Bob Going and Mayor Ann Thane who has stated she does not respond to blogs.

These are their responses from the Judge Errant blog:

Now Roberto’s new blog is following the same style with the fake comments designed to lure people into the discussion. Roberto is also the only person that has sent me this type of unsolicited email.

When that Karin Hetrick/Tony Leggiero thing blew up on my blog, Karin called Roberto and asked him to call Ray Halgas to inquire if Tony Leggiero was blogging while at work. Millan identified himself as a lawyer before asking questions even though he has no license to practice law in New York State.  Halgas told him he was not.

Roberto then called me and told me what had occurred with Karin, his conversation with Ray Halgas and was about to ask me to take down the offending posts when I informed him they were already down. He stated he was a lawyer but only had license to practice in Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington DC. He admitted to me that he was the person who posted on the Venner Vox as female lawyer Tatum Stevens.  He denied knowing Ann Thane, he denied being Congressman Paul Tonko’s friend, stating he never met the man. How can you trust a straight answer from someone caught up in so much deceit?

On the June 10, 2011, edition of The Show With No Name, Bob Going revealed that he saw Mayor Ann Thane dining  at the former Windmill Diner with (who he hinted at as being) both Roberto Millan and Bethany Schuman McGhee. Could they have planned this attack on Joe Emanuele? Many of the items from the blog were taken directly from the Democratic response to Emanuele’s Mayoral announcement.

Roberto (he prefers Rob) Millan, where is your pride?

Roberto Millan (seated with headache)

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  1. You misunderstood what I said on the show, but that’s my fault, since I was trying to be amusing by saying that Mayor Thane was having breakfast with two high-powered lawyers, a single mother with two kids, and a friend of a congressman. In other words, Roberto Millan, who, as both Tatum Stevens and Anthony Rullison has pretended to be a lawyer, and as Tatum pretended to be both male and female. While I have not checked Connecticut or DC, I did not find him admitted to the bar in New Jersey or New York, notwithstanding that he once called WCSS as Atty. Tatum Stevens and threatened to sue on behalf of Karin Hetrick over something one of us said on our radio show. That he would deny knowing the congressman is certainly interesting, since he was braying on his blog about going to see him in Washington.

    But Roberto is not the only Alinskyite Democratic politico involved in the new web site.

    • “Last guys don’t finish nice.”
      –Saul Alinsky

      • Alayne

        You mean he is not a real attorney he just plays one on TV… oops I mean blogs? Who does this? Does any of this really surprise me? Absolutely not. Does the fact that a Dept. Head spoke to a random person on the phone that was pretending to be an attorney about a co employee or subordinate scare me? If it is true…YES!

        • Anthony D. Leggiero

          Being a fan of the WWE and TNA Wrestling, there was a wrestler who’s catch phrase was “It’s True, it’s True!” – Kurt Engle, Professional Wrestler and Olympia—ooops…OLYMPIC gold medalist. The Milan character did call the Storehouse inquiring about the timeliness of my postings, along with a few other questions he had. It was the same day, Mr. Hetrick (so I think it’s a guy) comes looking for me at work. Shame I wasn’t available. Given the o.k. by Thane and condoned by Hetrick – the wife. This is what these people are about, retaliation—I’ve been saying this for 3 1/2 years now. Hate dealing with the truth at hand, stick by each other like blood yet in the end will throw each other under the bus faster then they can blink. A new broom sweeps the cleanest, so hopefully Joe or Bill even, will do just that and rid of us the hatemongers and bigots. Either that, or the law will catch up to them in due process.

    • Karl Baia

      I saw them at the Olympia Diner as well Bob.

      • Let’s be clear that “them” does not include me.

        I have never met Roberto Millan.
        I was not at the breakfast.

        • Karl Baia

          Just so everyone is clear, I didn’t see Bethany at the breakfast.

        • Alayne

          I seem to remember “someone” denying they posted under the pseudonym shadycat too. LOL

        • Alayne

          Please read Bethany’s post carefully. Notice she chooses the word met. I have never “met” Jerry either…but we have certainly conversed!

        • Bethany was certainly not at the breakfast.
          And Rob Millan certainly knows Paul Tonko, having appeared with him in public.

    • Karl Baia

      Isn’t this the same Roberto Millan thats on facebook in his underwear under the name Rob Millan Inc.?

      • Rob Millan

        Yes, that would be me! ‘Inc’ on Facebook since since 2004 and counting.
        If you saw me, you should have said hello. I’m also looking forward to your releasing those pesky tax returns.

        • Alayne

          The mayor would be smart to denounce your vile posts and actions Rob. You are certainly not doing her any favors, if anything, at this point you have become a huge liability to her entire campaign.

      • Anthony D. Leggiero

        Karl what a joke this Milano character is! So are those associated with him all in like fashion!

  2. Diane

    Hey Jerry,

    I had heard of this blog but just read it for the first time. I find it amazing that Karin who hated all the BS and mean things on the Amsterdamit Blog manages to chime in on this filth. It will be the last time I read it. Talk about lies and such…….


    • karin

      Diane, I HAVE NOT responded/chimed in on this new blog, and I do not intend to. Check the avitar – it is NOT mine.

      • Karin, just to clarify a point, the avatar from the Judge Errant blog is a match to the avatar appearing in your comment here. Unless one is specifically chosen by a registered user, they are randomly assigned by the blogging software.

        • karin

          I admit that the post on jugeerrant is mine – but I was referring to this new blog about joe emmanuele. That is what I though Diane was implying.

        • Diane

          I was referring to the comment on Judge Errant that was posted in the past. I read it last night.

  3. Anthony D. Leggiero

    After seeing my name mentioned, I concur This isn’t about pride with these people and their associates, Jerry. This is about banding up and reporting this creep to powers that are over and above the actions he is perpetrating. It’s about drawing connection to the idiots he associates himself with and exposing to the people of this city who are concerned (and yes they are out there) who are playing dirty pool and then are hiding behind each other. As for myself, I’ve researched with a real attorney regarding the remarks made by Hetrick specifically, and was not taken by surprise that her comments which are not only a fine display of bigotry; but are also slanderous and defamatory in writing due to the fact their is no truth to the discriminatory remarks made by her.

    Now, let’s take this a step further.

    My boss was inquired about my work performance and my work ethic by a complete NOBODY (Milan). Halgas divulged potentially confidential Right to Privacy information to this Milan character via telephone conversation. How did Milan/Stevens think about inquiring Halgas even to begin with? These are things people don’t think of before they act, and subsequently it get’s them into hot water. What I find even more farcical was that Hetrick’s husband was allowed to come on my job (I was flying that day) looking for a confrontation with me, did you know that? This is ALL CONDONED by these people from the Mayor down?? Kraebel is behind this, too. Do you think he would call for Hetrick’s removal from the CRB based on her racist statements made on your blog aimed at my wife? Never!. What about linking Paul Tonko to this Milan/Stevens? Nope, he’d rather twist his take on it linking me to Veteran’s shortcomings and critique me for not attending Memorial Day Services in Amsterdam? Another clown. Pop this on the Vox, Charlie. Tell the people the truth, pal.

    Step forward. I guarantee this that this letter will make it to somebody’s desk with a “look at this” sticky note attached to it. I’ve seen it happen before on numerous occasions as people cover up for each other at City Hall and down the line. Don’t you think at this moment they are wondering how I could be posting on your blog. It’s called vacation, that’s how.

    Bottom line is this; I am a common person and so is my wife. We are not public figures subject to scrutiny by acts of written ideology or falseness which cross the line of racism, bigotry, defamation and hate. This is a common degradation process with those at City Hall, and a few particulars on the outside who think they are cute by flying under the radar.

    There will be action on my part, legally speaking regarding this. I do not plan on “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and allow people to forecast what the next move will be, so let’s get that straight. I will however be at work next week starting Wednesday, just in case we have an irate husband out there who wants to tangle at quitting time, too.

    Now, you start to really see who the bad people of this city are. Not bad for how you look at them or envision them, but bad for actual actions they have undertaken against good people they intend to take down simply because they do not agree with their political philosophy (which is illegal to do I might add). I said it before, “Thank God for the Hatch Act!”

    Enjoy your day.

    • Tony, are you really this delusional in real life or do you just play one on TV?
      If you think I’m behind any of this crap, you’re nuts, and you’re lying by saying it.

    • Tony, I have to agree with Charlie in that he has done nothing to indicate his involvement in any conspiracy here. Professional journalists are protected by law from revealing confidential sources or information and are under no obligation to do so. In this State it is NYS Civil Rights Law /Article 7 /§ 79-h. Special provisions relating to persons employed by, or connected with, news media.

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  5. It’s all fun and games when the rabid left is going down in flames. These are just desparate tactics drummed up by a desparate woman and her minions. Joe ought to be licking his chops at the development of this new site, and should basque in the idea that they have become so desparate already to resort to these tactics. Based on polling that I have been conducting since Memorial Day weekend, Thane isn’t going to get past the primary. I have Wills beating her handily.

  6. Donna D

    wow I was never on this blog before makes me really stop and think,what has happened to our City ???? Adults or Children running it?????????????????

    • Anthony D. Leggiero

      Fact is a fact, Donna—when I was on the School Board back in oh ’97 or ’98…I should have voted NO to giving the museum curator a JOB and key to this City–don’t think hard who that was, ok. Lots of things happened since then, much of which would stop and make someone go hmmmmm….We’ve chat about this elsewhere I am sure.

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  8. Kim

    This is just shameful and immature! They were better off sexting or hiring a prostitute, at least that way they could enter therapy and admit to their “addiction.” They just look like morans now!! Another embarrassing thing for Amsterdam…when does it stop?

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