Grove Street Fire

Just as the sounds of train whistles are commonplace for those that live near the Mohawk River, the sounds of sirens emanating from police cars, fire engines and ambulances are often dismissed by the residents as Grove Street is routinely used as an emergency response route.

This morning around 9am was different as the traffic backed up and motorists began turning around going back the wrong way down this one way street.  That is what alerted me to the early morning fire at 76 Grove Street, a deteriorating Victorian  that was once the location of a popular florist.  A boarded up greenhouse flanking the main residence is all that is left of the old business. The locals watched from the street as the Amsterdam Fire Department responded with a ladder truck to the 2nd floor of the building. There was no evidence of flames or smoke, so I assume it was a small fire that was quickly contained. GVAC stood by waiting for any victims needing medical attention and from what I could tell, there were none.  Although the Amsterdam Police responded to the scene, they just watched the firefighters instead of directing traffic as the entire street was blocked with emergency vehicles. A greater tragedy could have occurred if one of the many vehicles that decided to turn around and illegally travel the wrong way down the one way street caused an accident.

Gazette reporter Ed Munger, Jr. was on the scene and will have more details of the structure fire. I recorded the following images of the fire.

This overview from Montgomery County Image Mate online service shows the other buildings of this once former nursery and greenhouse property at 76 Grove Street.

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6 thoughts on “Grove Street Fire

  1. Diane

    I have always admired that home every time I went by. It must have been gorgeous in its day with all the beautiful trim and detail work. That house could have a very positive impact on the street if it were renovated.

    • I agree, I did a little research on the property and the first thing I could find was that it was the former Julius Wasserman estate that was sold in 1918 for use as a day nursery. Some time after that it was turned into a flower shop. The main building is a 2 family with 3,036 sq feet. There is actually another house behind it that shares the same address that is a separate 1 family house with 1,044 square feet.
      There are also 2 greenhouses that are in really poor shape. The whole property sold for $2,000 in 2002.
      I’ll add some overview shots of the property from the Montgomery County Image Mate parcel service website.

  2. karin

    I always loved that house. What a shame.

  3. Denise

    Did you happen to notice a little boy about 4 yrs old with dark hair while you were shooting the pictures? I am a concerned grandmother whose daughter and granddaughter are in the pictures but not my grandson.

    • Denise,
      Going back through my images, I was able to find one that I believe has your grandson in it. It is now posted on my blog (just before the overview image). I hope this helps.

  4. Denise

    Thank you so much for taking the time to go through your images. That is my grandson.

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