Queen Ann Makes Another Appearance

I know she means well, but you would think after nearly four years in office, Mayor Ann Thane would know the job by now. Today’s article in The Recorder proved that she does not, stating she would veto the two resolutions that she proposed (as a member of the Common Council) that were not passed. There is also discussion going on about this on Kraebel’s blog.  The issues at hand are the $45,000. parking lot expenditure discussed in my previous thread and a contract to produce more plastic banners for the City.

The Mayor’s veto power only extends to legislation approved by the Common Council and presented for signature as described in Amsterdam’s City Charter:

§ C-32. Mayoral veto.

A.   Except as may be otherwise provided by Charter or by law, every local law, ordinance and resolution, except a resolution relating to the government of the Common Council or to the appointment of officers, shall, within three working days following enactment of adoption by the Common Council be certified by the Clerk and presented to the Mayor for approval or veto.

B.   The Mayor shall, within fifteen calendar days following certification of a local law, ordinance or resolution enacted or adopted by the Council, affix his signature of approval or veto upon enactment. If the Mayor shall fail to act within fifteen calendar days, the enactment shall be deemed to have been approved by the Mayor.

C.  If the Mayor shall veto an action of the Common Council, he shall return the proposed enactment to the City Clerk for transmittal to the Council together with a statement of reasons for Mayoral disapproval. At any meeting of the Council within 15 days after receipt of the Mayor’s veto, the Council, by a majority plus one vote of the authorized number of Alderman, may override the veto.

[Amended by L.L. No. 11-1989, ref. date 11-7-1989]

When the Mayor acts in this way, she is acting more like a monarch than an elected official in a democratic society.  So once again I dub her Queen Ann of Amsterdam. Before I get any more hate mail from Dan Weaver, this is political satire with no malice intended. Mayor Thane has a copy of this image presented to her by one of her constituents and even she found it funny. Sorry Mr. Bookhound, but it looks like you are lacking a sense of humor.

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One thought on “Queen Ann Makes Another Appearance

  1. Diane

    One would think that after 3 and half years in office one would know that one can only veto those resolutions that have passed. Maybe if she had competent corporation counsel he could get thru to her.

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