Amsterdam Celebrates Spring

Karin Hetrick and Debbie Baranello, organizers of Amsterdam’s Spring Fling event pose with NYS Assemblyman George Amedore on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Amsterdam was filled with events on Saturday as the Western part of East Main Street closed to traffic to host Spring Fling, an event to reintroduce Amsterdam’s downtown. The Street was full of vendors as a band played popular music for the crowd of people who showed up for this event. Simultaneously, Historic Amsterdam League conducted tours of historic buildings and the Noteworthy Indian Museum. The Wrestling Hall of Fame also hosted events this weekend culminating with an induction ceremony tonight at the Best Value Inn downtown Amsterdam.  The weather partially cooperated as clouds gave way to periods of intermittent sun among the rain. It was an event truly worth attending and if you didn’t get downtown, here are some images from my experience.

Dan Szabo Jr. promoting the FulMont Tea Party

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14 thoughts on “Amsterdam Celebrates Spring

  1. Margaret Persico

    Thanks for the pics Jerry! They are great! Unfortunately I had to work today showing properties, mostly out of town. So glad to see that it was such a huge success! Thumbs up to all who took part in making this happen!

  2. I think my mom and her husband were there. They own one of the cars in the line up there, so thats cool. Looks like a pretty good turnout and a nice place to go on a Saturday afternoon. Its a shame there isn’t more stuff like that going on all the time, It gives people of all ages something to do instead of causing trouble or being bored. Once again, good post and Great pictures. I’m assuming you took them Jerry.

  3. Yes, they are all my photos Steve. It was a great day for photography with the dramatic dark sky and the sun that kept popping out. I wish I had stayed longer, but the rain didn’t seem like it was going to let up later in the afternoon.

  4. Karin Hetrick

    Thank you, Jerry! Fabulous photo’s – So glad you came down today – it was a GREAT day in Amsterdam!!

  5. Diane Hatzenbuhler

    Jerry, thanks for the photos they were great! Hope all had a good time, sorry I could not be there:)

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  7. Dan Szabo Jr

    Wonderful event and great coverage, Jerry. It was a pleasure meeting a couple of the local blog posters. Jerry you are a true gentleman, and Karin, WOW, you throw one helluva party! Good job.

    • Karin Hetrick

      It was a pleasure meeting you, Dan! So glad you attended and had fun! I think we all had a great time – Great day in downtown Amsterdam!!

  8. Alayne Wineberg

    Good job! Unfortunately our weekends are taken throughout most of the summer. We did drive by on our way out of town, and it looked busy, and that was before noon. I wish we could have a regularly scheduled farmers market like they do in Schenectady…Main St. would be the perfect spot!

    • A farmers market would be a great idea! They have one in downtown Hudson (my hometown) every Summer. It is nice to be able to buy locally-grown produce locally!

      • margaret persico

        A Farmers Mkt. would be great! A Flea Mkt. would also be a good idea. Is it possible to have something there on a regular basis? Weekly/Monthly?? Even on a smaller scale where we wouldn’t have to block off the street. Maybe a volunteer “event planner/organizer” is in order. Once or twice a year doesn’t seem to be enough…And BTW, it’s nice to see, after all the “mud” that’s been thrown lately, that everyone comes together when it matters most! 🙂

  9. Great photos Jerry!!

    • I appreciate your comment Mark. It was fun, reminded me of when I used to photograph the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival Festivals back in the late 80’s early 90’s. That was a two day event that required camping out in a tent!

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