The People Speak!

The public hearing for the City of Amsterdam budget was held Monday night on the second level of the Riverfront Center. There were twice as many people as there were chairs when the citizens of Amsterdam orally rejected the proposed budget containing a 10% increase in water fees a 4% increase in property tax and a 10% increase in retiree contributions to health insurance. The budget is also contingent upon the Common Council eliminating the 3% cap on tax and fees put into law by voter referendum.

The evening started with Mayor Thane giving a short speech which I will translate for Karin Hetrick as Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The budget review committee sat at two tables with the Controller Heather Reynicke, Mayor Ann Thane, City Clerk Susan Alibozek and Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis on the left side of the room.  On the right side sat the Aldermen, Joe Isabel, Julie Pierce, Gina DeRossi, Bill Wills and Richard Leggiero.

One by one the citizens of Amsterdam and surrounding communities stepped up to the podium and spoke with passion and conviction as they addressed the budget committee. The citizens were represented by businesswomen, business owners, firemen, policemen, city employees, property owners, newspaper editors and retirees all with the same message:


My photos will tell the rest of the story:

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6 thoughts on “The People Speak!

  1. Dan Szabo Jr

    I had to miss this gala, but early reports I’m getting is Emanuele vs Wills in November. I’m hearing the Feuer- Ann the Great and her reign of terror on the taxpayers of Amsterdam won’t make it past the primary. She keeps talking about her record, she’s so proud of her record. As a result of her total lack of respect to the taxpayers of Amsterdam, her record is just that. Ignoring the people that overwhelmingly voted for this cap. The public referendum is the purest form of democracy this Republic has to offer, and for an elected official- mayor, governor, president, or otherwise to blatantly ignore that is just political suicide.

    Amsterdam has a rich immigrant history. People that live there today, their great grandparents came here decades ago to escape places that offered no jobs, and stole from the people. They ran from dictators and tyrants to Amsterdam, NY. Mayor Thane has become exactly what these people ran from. A tyrant. And she announces her re-election campaign and asks for your vote. The citizens of Amsterdam are not going to line up and vote for her. They should be lining up at city hall demanding her resignation.

    As a matter of fact, let me lead the charge…Ann Thane, I DEMAND your resignation effective immediately. You have ignored the people that put you in the office you hold today. Your brand of tax and spend liberal politics is a sinking ship. You know, last November our US Congress faced a referendum, and they lost big time. You should have been paying attention.

    Dan Szabo Jr
    FulMont Tea Party Patriots

  2. I’m definitely irked!

  3. Dan Szabo Jr

    The sleeping giant has awoken Amsterdam!

    Congratulations taxpayers and good citizens of Amsterdam. It is inspiring to see what an awakened and alerted electorate can accomplish when pushed to the limits. Stay awake! As Queen Ann’s reign of terror enters its final months, stay alert. History shows, angry liberals don’t die quietly. Keep your guard up. Brighter Days are in front of you. I have been in contact with Tea Party groups all across the area, and Amsterdam, NY is on everybody’s radar. We will fight this battle with you. No statewide or national elections this year means all eyes are on you. Last night’s hearing at the riverfront center can be compared to nothing less than the Battle of Saratoga in the 1st revolution. You, citizens of Amsterdam, beaten and battered have one a most decisive victory which will certainly turn the tides in your plight. God Bless you, good people of Amsterdam, NY. You should be proud of yourselves. You scarred the hell out of them.

  4. Dan Szabo Jr

    A message to the Thane Regime:

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