Mayor Joseph Emanuele III

With the support of Hugh T. Farley, Republican Senator for the 44th District of New York State and George Amedore, Republican Assemblyman for New York State Assembly District 105, Joseph Emanuele III formally announced his candidacy for Mayor of Amsterdam. Running on the Republican ticket, Emanuele has on the job experience as former Mayor of Amsterdam (2004-2007).

It was a beautiful day for the announcement held at his home on Coolidge Road. Surrounded by Republican members of City, County and State government and a large constituency of supporters from the community as well as his family, Emanuele outlined his plan for the City of Amsterdam.

Joe Emanuele plans to retire from his teaching position in the Fonda-Fultonville School District in June of 2012. When asked how this will affect his job as Mayor, Emanuele responded that he will work as a part-time Mayor from January to June. Emanuele worked as a part-time Mayor from 2004-2007.

I asked Mayor Emanuele how he plans on dealing with economic development since he was responsible for removing this department from City government during his last stint as Mayor. He responded by stating that he plans on working closely with Montgomery County Business Development Center, that local government needs streamlining to be efficient and cost-effective.

I then asked who he had in mind for the position of Corporation Counsel should he be elected again as Mayor. There was a brief pause, followed by, “That’s a good question!” Emanuele then stated he has two candidates in mind that will be announced further down the road of his campaign.

Mayor Joseph Emanuele III, it has a nice ring to it that I think will catch on!

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28 thoughts on “Mayor Joseph Emanuele III

  1. Karin Hetrick

    uh huh. “He can restore Amsterdam”. Then why didn’t he restore it when he was in office previously? He did NOTHING then, and if elected, he’ll do nothing AGAIN.

    • Diane Hatzenbuhler

      Well he did leave us with a 3 million fund balance and Thane has managed to spend most of it, except for that portion that went to pensions and insurance. It goes to a complete lack of leadership on the mayor’s part. At least Joe knows what he will be doing, having had experience in being a mayor and alderman before.

    • Karin, didn’t realize you were psychic.

  2. Dan Szabo Jr

    Joe is the man! Thane is a Tonko Puppet. Amsterdam is Tonko Town. Amsterdam’s favorite son- Paul Tonko, blah! The city of Amsterdam’s condition is indicative of a failed Congressman who has spent more than half his life in public service wi…th nothing to show for it. He has never authored a bill. He has never penned a law. Last year was a nationwide referendum on these tax and spend liberal policies being rammed down our throats and the jury came back pretty clear, and Thane wants to eliminate a tax cap that was voted on by the public, just 7 years ago, and then in the very next breath announce her candidacy and asks for your vote. She should have gotten the message last November. She still walks around on her leash with Tonko on the other end, talking about high end apartments and a pedestrian bridge to nowhere. It’s a $17 million dollar photo-op for our failure of a Congressman. This country will NOT be rebuilt from the top down. It needs to start with a solid foundation. Bottom up, and that is what 2011 represents. That is what this Mayor’s race represents. The change we need and so desparately seek is in the city halls and town halls across this country. It isn’t in D.C. or in Albany. We change the way the wind blows locally, and encourage other municipalities to do the same. That is how we change the world…..Joe Emanuele for Mayor!-

    Dan Szabo Jr.
    Founder- FulMont Tea Party Patriots

    • Margaret Persico

      GREAT post! GO Dan and GO Joe!

  3. Karl Baia

    The 3% cap was put into place under Joe Emanuele’s administration to give residents some relief from their taxes. Nothing could be worse than the current administration in office. Thane has completely turned her back on the people over the 3% cap. The people voted to put it in place and she is completely disregarding the people. Karin obviously believes that planting flowers is more important that giving residents relief on their tax bills.

    • Karin Hetrick

      Honestly, Karl, why are so many people against planting flowers and trying to make the city look nice? What about cleaning up the graffiti – I guess that’s bad now too? Both are important to maintain some beauty in our city.

      • Alayne Weinberg

        No one has anything against planting flowers and making things pretty Karin. What the folks are upset about is that way too much emphasis was placed on flower planting and community organizing, and not enough emphasis was placed on its financial situation. The city’s budget and finances should not take a back burner to community events and unfortunately, whether you want to admit it or not, this is exactly what has happened for the last three and a half years.

    • Roberto Millan

      Please be clear on one thing: a tax cap imposes a limit on, not a relief from taxes. Not saying exceeding the imposed limit is right, but I don’t think many people are questioning whether or not the cap should have even been imposed in the first place. It doesn’t seem like it was even tenable given the flip-flop economy of the last decade. It does seem like just a very big feather Emanuele (or the people actually running his office) unfairly put in his cap.
      Sure, it sounds great on paper: I want a limit on gasoline and how much prescription drugs can cost. That doesn’t mean it’s fair to the private companies producing those products.

      • Alayne Wineberg

        The tax cap served as a huge relief for the high tax increase that the mayor and controller wanted to impose on us. I am pretty sure that Cuomo will get the 2% tax cap passed soon and then these same folks will have no choice but to make tough decisions! I don’t think folks realized that by imposing the cuts in aid to the school districts and municipalities the Gov. expected the school and municipal administrators to step up to the plate, be accountable for their budgets and stop the wasteful spending, not just pass the burden on to the taxpayers! This goes for the city and the GASD!

  4. Dan Szabo Jr

    There is a big difference between accepting the endorsement of two very respected members of our state legislature and letting 2nd rate Congressman Tonko (who barely won in his own town in November) prance you around as one would walk their “toy” poodle around on a leash. People are getting wise to this brand of progressive, socialist, and communist policy making being thrust upon us. Little by little we are awakening, and we are resisting.

    Dan Szabo

    FulMont Tea Party Patriots

    • Margaret Persico

      Another GREAT post! How can I get more information on this organization “FulMont Tea Party Patriots”? TY

  5. Can we get back on topic? I realize that political discussions can get very heated and sometimes we respond out of anger. I have been guilty of this at times too, but I am trying to change that behavior.

    The personal attacks just degrade the discussion.

  6. Dan Szabo Jr

    Margaret, you can send an email to to be added to the group’s mailing list.

    Dan Szabo
    FulMont Tea Party Patriots

  7. Dan Szabo Jr

    I take personal offense that Thane is censoring her “public” for re-election facebook page and her “public” blog. I have to give Tonko more credit than that. No matter what your view, love him or hate him, Tonko leaves posts from his constituents up. Last night someone made me aware that Thane had a quote from George Bernard Shaw on her Facebook site, so I commented, and a bunch of others did as well. To the average person, George Bernard Shaw was a playwright who said some pretty witty, and quote-worthy things and most average people would be ok with that. Thane is not your average person. She knows full well who Shaw was and what he was all about. Shaw was famous for this quote-

    “You must all know half a dozen people at least who are no use in this world, who are more trouble than they are worth. Just put them there and say Sir, or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling your weight in the social boat, if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the organizations of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself”

    Probably not the best person to be quoting in a place like Amsterdam. It is important to understand where are elected officials are coming from on every level. You can look at community service, how much time one spends on the job, or tax caps, no tax cap, etc…but what we need to paying attention to is what sources do they gain their inspiration from. Who or what influences them. When you find out where they came from it is easier to determine where they are going.

    George Bernard Shaw was one of the most vocal of the Fabian Socialists and very much in support of eugenics. People that don’t know about Eugenics, it’s using abortion to clean up the gene pool. These people, including Shaw, believed in using abortion to eliminate minority races, people considered retarded, and imbeciles (their words, not mine). Again, pay attention to where our elected officials get their inspiration from. It is detrimental to making a “good” decision on election day.

    Dan Szabo
    Fulmont Tea Party Patriots

    • “Thane is not your average person.” Tea Party endorses Thane.

    • Dan Szabo,
      You are not alone. Thane banned me from the City of Amsterdam Facebook page but my action prompted her to put up a set of rules to follow. My ability to comment on her re-election campaign site was removed from the onset.

      I learned from a reliable source that Thane has put me on an official “watch” list of people she feels are harassing her. A copy of this list is sent to the Amsterdam Police Department. As a result Thane now feels she has a reason not to answer any of my correspondance.

      Please note that I have never harassed Ann Thane. Any correspondance sent her has been directly related to her job as Mayor of Amsterdam. The political parody and satire contained in my blog is a form of public expression that has been a part of our political culture since the inception of our country.

      • Dan Szabo Jr

        My goal, having been a Patriot on the front line of this liberty movement since 2008, is to get on as many “lists” as possible. I envy you, friend. 😛

        I used to wear my politics on my sleeve, but then one day after a Chris Gibson event last year decided that that wasn’t enough, and I got a Gadsden Flag tatooed on my left arm, below the sleeve line. I want them to be able to identify me on their little lists.

        -Dan Szabo
        FulMont Tea Party Patriots

  8. Not so easy to run a site when the shoe is on the other foot Jerry?

  9. No Charlie, it is not. I have a renewed respect for the job that you do.

  10. Alayne Wineberg

    So the state of the City address, which was more than likely written on city time, has now become a campaign advertisement. Typical Thane-ism! I think Jerry called this months ago!!!

    • You are correct Alayne,
      When The Recorder published the pre-address video, then the full text of the address, sidelining Mattison’s column, I knew we were not seeing the end of the commercial promoting Thane. The video then appeared on the Thane private/public- positive- comments- only website, the City of Amsterdam Facebook page and the City of Amsterdam website. The wording of the speech did not describe a plan for the city, it was a “look at all I have done” speech, a free campaign promotion on the taxpayer’s dollar!

    • When has any state of the city or state of the state address not been written on the taxpayer’s time and dime?

  11. Anthony Leggiero

    And to that other character who spoke of “Veterens” —learn how to spell, pal. What people like you don’t know is Ann Thane–our “mayor” stood up the Post 701 for two years consecutively with the Pearl Harbor Service at Hussenfuss Park SO MUCH to the point where her disrespect was turnkey by her not attending, hence the Post giving up on inviting. Now that’s a class act human being, right?.

  12. It rhymes with “brain”….Some classic lines—especially about managing

  13. Robert Harold

    I didn’t know Pat Beck was running.

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