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Mayor Joseph Emanuele III

With the support of Hugh T. Farley, Republican Senator for the 44th District of New York State and George Amedore, Republican Assemblyman for New York State Assembly District 105, Joseph Emanuele III formally announced his candidacy for Mayor of Amsterdam. Running on the Republican ticket, Emanuele has on the job experience as former Mayor of Amsterdam (2004-2007).

It was a beautiful day for the announcement held at his home on Coolidge Road. Surrounded by Republican members of City, County and State government and a large constituency of supporters from the community as well as his family, Emanuele outlined his plan for the City of Amsterdam.

Joe Emanuele plans to retire from his teaching position in the Fonda-Fultonville School District in June of 2012. When asked how this will affect his job as Mayor, Emanuele responded that he will work as a part-time Mayor from January to June. Emanuele worked as a part-time Mayor from 2004-2007.

I asked Mayor Emanuele how he plans on dealing with economic development since he was responsible for removing this department from City government during his last stint as Mayor. He responded by stating that he plans on working closely with Montgomery County Business Development Center, that local government needs streamlining to be efficient and cost-effective.

I then asked who he had in mind for the position of Corporation Counsel should he be elected again as Mayor. There was a brief pause, followed by, “That’s a good question!” Emanuele then stated he has two candidates in mind that will be announced further down the road of his campaign.

Mayor Joseph Emanuele III, it has a nice ring to it that I think will catch on!

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