Amsterdam’s Ward Population 2010

Montgomery County Planning Department has just finished compiling the 2010 Ward populations for the City of Amsterdam. It looks like the 4th Ward has some boundary trimming to do as it is over the mean population of 3,724. Wards 3 and 5 need to increase their Ward boundaries to achieve the equitable population distribution.

According to the Amsterdam City Charter, the Common Council has three months to come up with the adjusted boundaries.  This is especially important for the upcoming City elections later this year.

Let’s see how our current elected officials respond to this Charter mandate. This simple task should prove their worthiness for reelection.

Mayor Thane has already bottomed out by suggesting this task be accomplished by some college students. The Mayor carelessly spent $4,000. of taxpayer money for Christmas lights on Main Street and another $800. for window decorations for the Winter mixer but has not suggested hiring a professional to redraw Ward boundaries.

April 6, 2011 The Daily Gazette – article by Ed Munger

Mayor Ann Thane on Tuesday said she is waiting for numbers from the Census Bureau to determine what changes might need to be made. She said she is considering getting students at local colleges, such as Union College or the College of Saint Rose, involved in a project to get it done while getting some experience in government. “I think it would be good for them,” the mayor said.


Changing her tune in Tuesday’s paper the Mayor makes the following statement:

April 12, 2011 The Recorder – article by Jessica Maher

“I think this might be a very good opportunity to invite the council to work collaboratively to establish the new lines,” said Mayor Ann Thane. “I think it’s important to know why, so that you can plan for the future, so we’ll be looking at that,” she said. “It should be a very interesting discussion.” It’s all a discussion the mayor thinks can be handled by the Common Council, calling it a job they were elected to do.

The job should go to Montgomery County Planning Department who are already on top of this important challenge.

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5 thoughts on “Amsterdam’s Ward Population 2010

  1. Here’s my general thought: I think it’s well past time to give the Hispanic sections a voice, and I think that can be best done by creating a new Second Ward more or less taking the three districts of the Fifth on the North side and most of 2/1 and 4/2. Fifth Ward then picks up 3/3 and the rest of Division Street and South. Third Ward shifts a bit picking up a chunk of 1/1, while Ward 1 picks up 2/2 and the Brookside area. The rest of Rockton gets divided among the 4th and the 1st as needed, and maybe a few more blocks of the lower 4th become part of the new Second as needed.

    I have not thought about where the aldermen currently live, but I don’t think I have upset anything here. Ideally upper Rockton and lower Rockton should be together, but I’m not sure that’s doable.

    • How about creatng a 6th Ward to accomplish the same. Of course it would require a mandatory referendum, but would bring representation down to a ratio of 1:3,103 and would add a new dynamic to the vote.

      My hometown of Hudson has ten Aldermen (two per Ward) plus a President of the Common Council. The Mayor has no vote. This for a City with a population of less than seven thousand. They operate on a weighted vote system.

  2. It did work better with eight wards, and six is not a bad idea either

  3. Nicole diCaprio-Bagatelle

    That map looks a bit confusing or misleading. The legend indicates what a road is, but from a quick look, there are several roads missing. I tried to look for what should be my street (Beacon), and don’t see it, nor do I see McGibbon. And it looks like a mystery road is snug between 1/10 and 3/17. What a mess!

    • The streets are missing. I guess the new map just shows population clusters. It looks like there are 93 people in your election district. The old Ward map can be found here:

      I hope that helps.

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