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For me, this weekend was about raking leaves and cooking.  My tax return was direct deposited into my bank account last week and aside from paying Amsterdam’s ridiculously high property tax, I decided to invest in some much needed kitchen equipment.

A knife sharpener that works.

A bamboo cutting board and a potato peeler that isn’t bent and rusted.

A twelve quart stock pot.

A strainer that fits the sink preventing backwash on the pasta.

A powerful stand mixer to replace my burned out hand mixer.

I tried some new recipes that came with the mixer, like these cookies that contain german, semi-sweet and white chocolate as well as toasted macadamia nuts.

My first attempt at Crusty French bread.

Pizza Rustica which is more like an Italian quiche containing mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheese with chopped prosciutto and sopressata, Italian sausage, fresh spinach and lots of eggs.

Anyone hungry?

Pizza Rustica Recipe for Stefan:

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8 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. Diane

    I am Hungry. The quiche (?) thingy looks delish 🙂

    • It is delicious but really rich. One small slice is enough for a meal. The rest is going in the freezer.

  2. Steve

    in reference to Pizza Rustica . How can you post a pic like that and not put the recipe up, it makes me hate you! I want some!!

    • Don’t be a hater! The recipe is now posted under the image.
      Better yet, stop by and see my new place. I have a couple of slices left in the freezer.

      • Steve

        Sounds good, it would be good to see ya, its been too long hasn’t it? Only thing is, I’m gonna make that up fresh, have a heart attack first and then ill stop up. Plus, I’ll be able to check out the i pad if thats alright. We’ll plan something on FB next time we’re on

  3. I’m looking for a decent mixer that can handle the gluten-free stuff. Nearly burned out my hand-mixer on a loaf of bread the other day in 20 seconds. Would that baby do the job and what did it set you back?

    • I bought it on sale at Sears for $269. With an 800 watt motor, it is much more powerful than the KitchenAid mixers. It comes in 5.5 and 7 quart models. Pictured is the 5.5 quart model. It has a 3 year warranty.

      It was the top rated mixer at Cooks Illustrated. I trust their product ratings when it comes to cooking equipment.

    • Bobby

      Gluten free??? YUCK!!!!!!

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