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Montgomery County’s Weighted Vote

The government of Montgomery County, NY uses a weighted vote system or apportionment in order to provide fair and equitable representation for its residents.

The diagram above shows the population from the 2000 Federal Census and the voting power of the Board of Supervisors assigned as a result of that census. The weighted votes are shown in parentheses. From the unequal voting power assigned the representatives from the City of Amsterdam’s five Wards we see that the City did not adjust its Ward boundaries that year.

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

City of Amsterdam – 1st Ward – Vito L. Greco 518-842-3096                                                                                          2nd Ward – Barbara M. Johnson 518-842-7425                                                                            3rd Ward – Ronald J. Barone, Sr. 518-842-1105                                                                            4th Ward – Barbara S. Wheeler 518-842-6398                                                                              5th Ward – Karl Baia 518-441-8249

Town of Amsterdam – Thomas P. DiMezza 518-627-0201

Canajoharie – Herbert T. Allen 518-673-3115

Charleston – Shane T. Walters 518-875-6538

Florida – William E. Strevy 518-829-7675

Glen – Lawrence Coddington 518-853-4169

Minden – Thomas L. Quackenbush 518-993-2798

Mohawk – Gregory W. Rajkowski 518-829-7993

Palatine – Brian Sweet 518-673-5123

Root – John W. Thayer 518-332-7593

St. Johnsville – Dominick Stagliano 518-568-2462

Aside from voting power and equitable representation, the census results determine how the State and Federal governments distribute financial aid.  It is essential that our local governments adjust to accurately reflect the results of the 2010 Federal Census.

The following changes in population distribution from 2000 to 2010 indicate how Montgomery County needs to change its weighted votes.

Along with the City of Amsterdam’s Common Council, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors need to …

Do the Right Thing!

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