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Do the Right Thing!

The City of Amsterdam Common Council was reconstituted in 1982 based on the 1980 Federal Census. At that time the population of the City was 21,872 that is 3,252 greater than the 2010 population of 18,620.

Much has changed in 30 years, including the ethnic makeup of Amsterdam that is now 26.2% Hispanic or Latino.

City of Amsterdam total population 18,620

Total Housing Units 9,218

Occupied 7,861

Vacant 1,357

Land Area 5.9 square miles

Density 3,176.3 persons per square mile

We are by far, the most densely populated area in Montgomery County with 3,176.3 persons per square mile. It is that population density that determines how we are represented in City Hall.  According to our City Charter, Ward boundaries are to be adjusted within three months of the issuance of the Federal Census results.

§ C-26 Reapportionment of Common Council representation.


Within three months following official publication of the results of each federal decennial or quinquennial census, if such has been conducted, the Common Council shall review the ward boundaries in relationship to the census results and make such adjustments by local law as may be necessary to assure that each ward contains, as nearly as practicable, an equal number of residents.

My research indicates that this Charter mandate has never been carries out (since the reconstitution of the Common Council in 1982). The language in the Charter Law is “shall” not “may,” indicating this is not an optional procedure.

Just as Congressional redistricting is adjusted according to current population statistics, our City Ward boundaries must be examined and if necessary changed to effect equal representation in local government.

The list of 2010 census population by current Ward boundaries should be made public.

To our elected City Council representatives I issue this challenge …

Do the right thing!

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