2010 New York State Census Data

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6 thoughts on “2010 New York State Census Data

  1. robert purtell

    It is encouraging that Amsterdam saw a growth of over 300 people since the last census, My understanding is that this is the first increase in over 80 years, it is also encouraging that it appears just to the east and northeast of us that both Saratoga county and Schenectady county both had even better growth than we did. Hopefully it is showing that the economic development has been slowly progressing in upstate NY.

    • It is encouraging. I would like to find a 2010 population breakdown by Ward for the City of Amsterdam. According to our City Charter, the Common Council, within 3 months of the publication of a new census, must re-examine the Ward boundaries and adjust accordingly.

      Also, with the Hispanic/Latino population exceeding 26% in Amsterdam, why is there no representation in local government?

      • robert purtell

        where did you see the 26%? I am curious.

      • Front page article in today’s Recorder written by Jarrett Carroll lists Hispanic and Latino population in Amsterdam as 26.2% (4,873). Over 1/4 of the total population is a significant number.

      • robert purtell

        so the hispanic population doubled in 10 years? does not sound accurate, but who knows?

      • When you look at the total increase of Hispanic and Latino population in New York state it is only 19.2% but for the entire United States it is 43%. That is more congruous with Amsterdam’s results.

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