Super Moon Before the Vernal Equinox

Taken from Grove Street at 9:50PM March 19, 2011

Categories: Amsterdam, Photography

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6 thoughts on “Super Moon Before the Vernal Equinox

  1. Rob

    so pretty

  2. Thanks Rob,
    After your visit, I looked out the window and saw this awesome moon. I grabbed my tripod, put my longest lens on the camera and took a series of photos from the kitchen window looking east. Moon photos can be difficult because the dark sky tricks the camera exposure meter, resulting in overexposure. Best results are obtained with manual exposure. This photo was taken using a 300mm lens on a Canon 7D which is a cropped frame sensor camera. The effective length becomes 480mm. Because of the 18megapixel sensor on the 7D, a 100 percent crop (pictured) still has a lot of detail.

  3. robert purtell

    probably the best picture of the moon I have ever seen

  4. Diane

    Did you submit this to channel 6?? It is a beautiful shot !!!

  5. Alayne

    Amazing photo!

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