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One Month After the Declared Snow Emergency, Grove Street Finally Gets Snow Removal!

With Grove Street being a direct emergency route accessed daily by Amsterdam Police, Fire and Rescue squads, one would think snow removal on this street would be a priority.

Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane Appoints Police Lt Gregory Culick to Police Chief.

After remaining silent on the issue, the Mayor has decided to appoint Lt Culick to replace Tom Brownell who retired last Friday. The Mayor chose Culick over Deputy Chief Victor Hugo, Sgt. Own Fuhs and Sgt. Carl Rust. The provisional appointment is dependent on passing a Civil Service test to be given this month.

Crime Control Committee Just Spinning its Wheels

After nearly a year, the Mayor’s Crime Control Committee has agreed to disagree on crime statistics and has accomplished zilch. The controversial committee was established by Thane because of a report on crime submitted by Democratic Party Chairman Fred Stark, who has no background in criminal justice. This move was seen by many as a political move by the Democratic Mayor to gain position in the upcoming mayoral election this Fall. Stark was also appointed Chairman of the Committee. The establishment of the committee made front page news last year, with a photo of the smiling committee members standing with the Mayor. The crime rate in the City of Amsterdam is actually lower than the national average. The report proposed banning sales of box-cutters and spray paint to teens as a solution to solving Amsterdam’s imagined crime problem.

Establishment and implementation of crime prevention programs is the responsibility of the Amsterdam Police Chief, according to the Amsterdam City Charter.

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2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. Todd

    You would think that the Mayor would actually do something about the City’s OT expenses that were identified to be a problem during last year’s budget proccess. Oh, wait, there is that executive order that seems to have accomplished nothing. Then again why worry about that now, it is time for a new budget and we can sweep this year’s problems under the rug, by making everyone focus on the budget disaster that will publicly unfold.
    Good to know she has time to form a committee that addresses concerns that we already pay someone else to be concerned about.

    • This year’s budget will be interesting. The crime control committee was an attempt by Thane to exert control over Brownell who apparently just refused to listen to her. A public battle between Thane and Brownell would not bode well for her reelection ambitions.

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