I took a winter walk in downtown Amsterdam today and was pleasantly surprised to find it alive and well. The ice and high snowbanks made navigation a little tricky but it was worth the trouble. There are a few businesses surviving the winter, some doing quite well.

One business in particular I was interested in was The Book Hound on 16 East Main Street owned by fellow blogger Dan Weaver. I have been reading Dan’s blog Upstream & Downtown and really like what he has to say, so I stopped in and paid him a visit.

After introducing myself, I asked Dan about his motivation for opening a used book store. He told me that his father was very strict and wouldn’t let him watch television as a child which steered him towards books. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English and not wanting to teach, the bookstore seemed like a natural fit. The store seems quite small from the entrance, but I discovered a variety of books in four rooms, one leading into another. I was interested in books on Amsterdam’s history, as I am on this never-ending quest to find more information on the history of my house.  Of course I had to buy The Amsterdam Postcard History Series by Gerald R. Snyder and Robert von Hasseln as well as Images of Amsterdam by Kelly Yacobucci Farquhar and Scott G. Haefner.

I found Dan to be quite informative on a variety of subjects and his store had a steady stream of business during my time there. He also does internet sales through his online site The Book Hound.

A couple of doors down from The Book Hound is Riverside Pizzeria on 10 East Main Street. They make one of the best pizzas in the city.

The Amsterdam Mall also has quite a few storefronts occupied. I stopped by The Gazette office in the mall to chat with reporter Ed Munger. I soon found out the Mall has a NO PHOTOS policy from a polite but insistent security guard who directed me to the main office. After explaining what an internet blog was and that I wasn’t with a newspaper,  I was allowed to photograph the mall as long as the photos did not contain any people or portray the mall in a negative light. The following photos were taken in the mall.

Walter Elwood Museum Doll Display

It was a nice day to visit downtown Amsterdam.

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