Here Comes the Sun!

The sun finally emerges on day three of Amsterdam’s snow emergency. With one day remaining of no parking on city streets, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of progress in the way of snow removal. Does Amsterdam DPW actually remove snow or do they just push it around with the plows? My four foot snow banks have grown another foot and are now taller than my hedges!

With more snow expected this weekend, there is no where to put it.  Grove Street is down to one plowed lane and there is no room for anything to park and still have enough room for traffic to pass.  I don’t feel sorry for the city snowplow drivers. They are paid well and with a declared emergency are entitled to overtime. From what I read they are even getting a free lunch from the Crystal Restaurant. I think there is a law against city employees accepting gratuities.  As the snow emergency clock ticks down, I’m not seeing any progress on my end of town!

Update: Parking ban is officially over a 6pm tonight. The problem is that there is still nowhere to park because snow removal did not happen.

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