The Show With No Name

TSWNN was a morning radio show on WCSS AM radio in Amsterdam. It was hosted by Attorney Robert N. Going (former Amsterdam Corporation Counsel, City and Family Court Judge), Michael Chiara (former City Assessor), and Vincenzo Nicosia (former 3rd Ward Alderman and 2011 Mayoral candidate). The show is a no holes barred discussion of events and politics affecting our city. This radio show was kicked off the air because of political pressure brought by local government officials in an attempt to censor the broadcasts.

The show decided not to give in to the forces that wanted them silenced and upgraded their show presentation using the podcast format that has become so popular on the internet. I photographed the taping of their first podcast Friday morning at the Europa Café in Amsterdam. The Café had more than its usual breakfast crowd due to the podcast. Yes, the show is opinionated and can be insulting. While I do not agree with the majority of the opinions expressed on this podcast, I support their right to be heard. I admire their effort to go “radio free” to present commentary that involves its listeners with an alternative point of view in the form of a roving podcast that also supports local businesses. Long live TSWNN!

TSWNN podcasts can be heard here:

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5 thoughts on “The Show With No Name

  1. Diane Hatzenbuhler


    Good luck with the Blog. The more the merrier. I may not have always agreed with your comments, but at least I could learn something.

  2. Margaret Persico

    Hi Jerry! Good luck with your new blog! Your photography is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! You are a VERY talented man! I miss you on the “Vox”, but do understand your position! I wish you all the success in the world! Keep up the good work in your neighborhood and in Amsterdam! 🙂

  3. Robert Harold

    Gerry, the next taping of “The Show With No Name” will be this friday, 4th February, at the Crystal Ristorante beginning at 11:00 a.m. and will continue until the food is gone…. er, i mean until the 2 shows are done.

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